How writing about your emotions is like a journey back into your life history and breaking down "why" you have the behaviors you have
How the "premiuminization" of the economy really forces entrepreneurs to be creative on how we address capital inefficiencies

April 2022

Taoism, Stoicism, and Acceptance of Nature

March 2022

Human nature is very hard to codify via code. I’ve been trying to process these new emerging forms of labor, community/collective organizing, and…

February 2022

TLDR: It's different for everyone.
On how the art of prose reveals your understanding of the rules of social structure around you

January 2022

On self-awareness, fine art vs design, expression vs technique/craft, why
On how obsessing over micro-problems is the key to mastery in life

November 2021

Thanksgiving reflections

October 2021

Opening up on my own perspectives on wealth generation, self-actualization and lifestyle

September 2021

Why I've been quiet lately due to an accidental TikTok audio copyright issue
Now I understand